Barkin' on the Beach

Mobile Dog Spa


Barkin' on the Beach Mobile dog spa is sure to provide the best grooming services for your pet straight to your driveway!


We serve the following cities in Northwest Florida:  Crestview, Valparaiso,  and Niceville areas.

Your pet's individualized appointment greatly reduces the risk of exposure to possible diseases and parasites. Our spa is completely sanitized after each appointment.   Your pet's safety, health, and comfort is our top priority.


Your pet is family.

Stress-free Environment

Your pet will love the luxury of being pampered in your own driveway! No more noisy grooming salons or Separation anxiety. Your pet will be in a calm, stress-free environment. Plus, with a cat proof fence surrounding your home, you can let your cat enjoy the outdoor environment safely as well. Appointments are always scheduled at your preferred location, whether it's your home or office. No interruptions during their grooming or left unattended in a crate. Your dog will THANK YOU!

Our state-of-the-art mobile grooming trailer is sure to put both you and your pet in the pampered state of mind. Our trailer is fully self-contained with its own water supply, electric source, and climate-controlled atmosphere. 

No more day-long trips to the grooming salon.  No more waiting in traffic, No cage drying or crates.  Eliminates stressful car rides for your pet and avoids hair ,dirt, or sand in your car.  Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your pet is right outside your window!


 Professional Dog grooming at your Doorstep!

"Bringin' Sunshine to your Canine"

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